Election video uploaded

See video featuring interviews with John and Mikey Hoeven and with Tracy Potter at http://www.inforum.com/event/videos/vidid/20921/

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Latest with Measure 1

With 504 of 505 precincts reporting, North Dakota’s Measure 1 has 63 percent of the vote or 136,630 votes compared to 37 percent or 78,707 against.

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U.S. House race called in Berg’s favor

FARGO – After tonight, Rick Berg can be called “congressman-elect:” http://www.inforum.com/event/article/id/296952/

Democratic incumbent Earl Pomeroy is about to speak here at the Ramada.

Sen. Kent Conrad spoke a short while ago to the crowd of Democrats, praising Pomeroy for a hard fought campaign and displaying “moral courage” in the face of adversity, specifically on the health care reform issue.

At its peak, the crowd of Democrats had risen to maybe a couple hundred, but the crowd has thinned out again as many of the legislative races have been decided.

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Hoeven talks transition

Gov. John Hoeven just told me that he and Lt. Gov Jack Dalrymple will talk tomorrow about the transition of power in the state. Hoeven expects he will officially step down in early December.

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More news from Bismarck

I visited with Tracy Potter about an hour ago at the Democrats’ party here in Bismarck.

He talked about his campaign and his attempt to talk about issues like war and peace, as well as Social Security. He’s proud of his grillside chats and courthouse visits and giving people “a little more substance on discussions about issues.”

“I hope that other candidates will pick up and follow that. There may not be as many votes in it when you’re running against a popular governor as you’d hope, but it’s still the way the people ought to be campaigning, I think,” he said.

PS: Measure 1 is still holding strong. With 295 of 505 precincts in, it has 64 percent of the vote.

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Republicans upbeat at vibrant rally in Fargo

FARGO – In contrast to the Democrats’ gathering a few blocks away, North Dakota Republicans are vibrant and energetic at their rally here at the Holiday Inn.

The banquet room is packed with at least a couple hundred supporters, as Fox News airs on a projection screen before the room.

Republican challenger Rick Berg, the headliner of the evening, has been working the room and just gave media interviews.

Berg said it’s too soon for celebrating as many of the results are still out, but he felt good coming into tonight’s results.

The Republican crowd erupted in cheers of joy as at least one media outlet – NBC News – projected the race in Berg’s favor a short while ago.

Now, with 258 of 505 precincts reporting, Berg is the candidate with the advantage - leading Democratic incumbent Earl Pomeroy with nearly 54 percent of the vote, compared to 45 percent of the vote for Pomeroy.

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Measure 1 headed for victory

With 96 of 505 precincts reporting, it looks like North Dakota’s Measure 1 is going to pass. This measure sets up the legacy fund with oil tax revenue. The measure is supported by 66 percent of the vote right now.

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Dems gather for subdued rally at Ramada Plaza & Suites

FARGO – North Dakota Democrats are gathering tonight at the Ramada Plaza & Suites as the returns come in, and it’s a subdued environment at this point.

Democratic incumbent Rep. Earl Pomeroy spoke with local media for about 10 minutes before leaving the room to have dinner with his family just before 8 p.m. It’s unknown when he’ll return to the venue.

Meanwhile, several dozen Democratic supporters have arrived at the banquet room and more continue to trickle in. Several legislative candidates also are on hand to watch the results come in.

Projection screens are displaying coverage from MSNBC and CNN, as the supporters converse at tables or fill their plates at the buffet.

Pomeroy’s statements with the media a short while ago were somewhat general but offered an evident undertone of his potential feelings about what tonight’s outcome might be.

“I’m confident that we ran the best campaign that could be put on the field,” he said. “We all know in the prairie, sometimes you’ve got the wind in your back, sometimes you’ve got it in your face. Obviously, this is going to be a challenging election year – not just here in North Dakota, but all across the country – and under that circumstance, all you can do is try as hard as you can.”

“I have worked real hard on so many issues relative to this state,” Pomeroy continued. “The work isn’t done and I’ve felt very, very strongly about continuing that work and put my whole heart into this race, but the race is now done. It’s in the voters hands, they’ll make their judgment and we’ll go on from there.”

When asked how it would effect Congress if North Dakota voters didn’t pull through for Pomeroy tonight, the congressman replied:

“I think there’s a lot of work that I’d sure like to do on behalf of our state going forward,” he said. “If voters decide this is Rick Berg’s chance, so be it – I wish him well, but I’m going to go on and try to find something purposeful to do. There’s so many interesting things to do with one’s career.”

With just 9 precincts reporting in early and unofficial returns, Pomeroy had a sizable lead over Republican challenger Rick Berg, 52 percent to 47 percent. However, with 505 precincts statewide, it will be a while before there’s a conclusive answer. Both candidates hold strongholds in different parts of the state, which could influence the end result.

Berg is rallying with the Republicans at the Holiday Inn, just a few blocks away. I’ll have an update from that rally shortly.

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Tony Clark warms up Republicans

North Dakota GOP Chairman Tony Clark just got up to say a few words to warm up the crowd here in Bismarck.

“Who has been waiting for this night for a long, long time?” he asked to applause. 

“This is a party 30 years in the making in North Dakota, and we’re going to have fun tonight. This is your night to celebrate,” he told the crowd.

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District 27 could set new record

District 27 could set new record
Election inspectors in Fargo and West Fargo’s District 27 said Tuesday’s turnout could set records for voters in a non-presidential election year.
Around 4 p.m., Luana Vetter at West Acres’ poll-ing station had seen a steady stream of voters since 7 a.m., totaling about 800. She anticipated the pace to pick up as people got off work after 5 p.m.
At Calvary United Meth-odist, 4575 45th St. S., Fargo, Shannon Rieman said they’d seen 1,180 vot-ers by 5, while a line of 20 extended out the door.
She said they could see a total of about 1,500, but said that would be a wild guess.
Even at Southwest Hockey Arena, 4404 23rd Ave., S., Fargo, which had the smallest amount of votes cast, 197, the election inspector said they’d been busier than ever.

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